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When Death Occurs

When death occurs at home, please contact us once the doctor has attended to verify the death. If death has occurred in the hospital, please contact us during our opening hours at your earliest convenience.

If your loved one has not been under the doctor’s care on a regular basis, the emergency doctor will automatically inform the Coroner’s office. Cooksley’s Independent Funeral Services are contracted to work on behalf of HM Coroner’s in Northamptonshire, and will be able to liaise with them, and offer you additional advice.

Our 24 hour advice line: 01933 770250

Registering of Death


    • Medical Certificate (stating the cause of death)
    • Full name of the deceased.
    • Full address of the deceased.
    • Date and place of birth
    • Date and place of death
    • Occupation of the deceased.
    • Any other names the deceased is known by e.g. Maiden name
    • Full name, date of birth and occupation of a surviving spouse or civil partner

Northamptonshire 0300 126 1000

Upon receipt of all the above information the Registrar will issue you with a certificate for burial or cremation. This ‘green’
certificate can then be given to us, so that we can begin our proceedings.